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a million little gods: the clearwater chronicles will be released and FREE this Labor Day weekend on Kindle (Thursday – Monday)!

Be sure to get your copy 8/29-9/2 @ www.amazon.com/author/daveburns

“Welcome to Powhattan.  Enjoy your visit.” – Powhattan Visitor’s Bureau


(From the back cover)

A million little gods… that’s all they were – scattered here and there along the countryside.  A million little souls pebbling the landscape… nothing more – as the sun cast their hollow reflections in shadows on the earth.


Welcome to Powhattan – a small, sleepy town located in the center of the Clearwater Valley, and cradled within the heart of the Hilltop Mountain Range.  It is home to Clearwater College (Go Mudcats!), the Powhattan Institute of Mental Health and Awareness (PIMHA)… and the Travelers; a group of individuals hellbent on altering the very fabric of time itself – manipulating it for their own purposes – and in so doing, giving themselves freedom to laugh in the face of God.

But… unbeknownst to them, time travel is, at best, a tricky widget.  Variable upon variable exists – some completely incomprehensible to the human mind.  And though the Travelers had scoured scientific journals and essays related to paradox theories and wormholes, as well as theories on duality, mutable and immutable timelines, and alternate histories, nothing could quite prepare them for the truth.  Not even literature (that great wealth of genius and imagination) had dared ask the inevitable question that now stared them in the face (if only they knew): What truly happens when time itself is undone?

Step into the bizarre world of Powhattan, and experience life through the eyes of Noah Adams (that haunted and troubled soul), Evelyn “Evie” Cain (that poor, unsuspecting girl), the Mayor (that sly old walrus), and others.  Told through broken chronology and fragmented thoughts, a million little gods: the clearwater chronicles, will take you on a ride through thought and time.


(Excerpt from Book 1 ~ Part 1)

With a chalkboard as his map and determination as his guide, the Professor continued his lecture.

“It is impossible to observe time; it can only be measured.  Not so with the three spatial dimensions: length, breadth, thickness.  For they can be measured and observed.  But the fourth dimension, duration, cannot.

“Yes, we measure time – we measure duration – but we are unable to step outside of it and truly observe it… like the gods.  For they are not bound by our fate – choosing to operate both in and out of both time and space.  And yes – it is their choice.  And if we can but harness their power, think of what we can do.

“History at the site of history; science at the birthplace of science.  No theories, but only knowledge.  There would be no riddle that the universe could hide from us.  We could laugh in the face of God.”

And the whole assembly went wild…


Writing Style Compared to:
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Dave Burns

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"Writing is dreaming with your eyes open." - Dave Burns Available Books and Works: The Movement: A Children's Story for Grown-ups The Movement: Revisited Edem's Flight The Movement: Concluded - The Completed Anthology Pieces of Me a million little gods: the clearwater chronicles UnApologetic Uncarved: The Literature and Arts Magazine Volume 1 Uncarved: The Literature and Arts Magazine Volume 2 Uncarved: The Literature and Arts Magazine Volume 3 For a complete list of books and works, visit the author @ www.uncarvedbooks.com or www.amazon.com/author/daveburns.
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