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Writing is dreaming with your eyes open.

– Dave Burns

The Movement: A Children’s Story for Grown-ups is Dave Burns’ third completed work; second complete novel – yet first publication. The sequel, The Movement: Revisited, is the completion of the tale begun in the first installment. Edem’s Flight is the third book in The Movement Series. It is a spiritual successor and side story to the first two works. The Movement: Concluded is a complete anthology including all three works in The Movement Series.

Burns’ most recent works are Pieces of Me, a million little gods: the clearwater chronicles, and UnApologetic.

Burns has also created a magazine entitled Uncarved: The Literature and Arts Magazine.  Volumes I, II, & III are currently available.  All books and works are available on the Author’s Amazon Page.


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BookCoverImageRevisited CoverEdem's Flight Cover-page-001The Movement Concluded - Front Cover Cropped-page-001

Pieces of Me Cover - Daemonesque Font Ebook-page-001a million little godsUnApologetic - Cover-page-001

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