Edem’s Flight

Edem’s Flight
The Spiritual Successor to The Movement Series

“And it all began with a single grain of sand…”

And here we are again, dear Reader – the conclusion (as it were) to our tale. Yet ‘conclude’ it does not – not in the regular sense, mind you. But, we shall get to that… in time.
As it stands, prepare to travel with our dear friend across the desert dunes to the promised oasis. A pilgrimage, of sorts, to discover ourselves.

As always, for the child in all of us
– D

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Compared to:
C.S. Lewis – The Chronicles of Narnia
Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
John Bunyan –Pilgrim’s Progress
‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Disney’


Vivid Imagery
Vivid imagery is this book’s strength! Rather than spell out the details, the author uses unique and creative wording to paint vivid images for the reader.

“So dark its eyes have become.
For they had become black – jet black – and the only contrast to the darkness in those tinted windows of the soul was the glossy gleam of the light reflecting off the dunes. And the reflection, dear Reader, reminded me of a crescent moon trying to escape the night.”

Edem’s Flight – A Review
Burns has accomplished an interesting, paternal voice to tell the story. It’s like a voice over narrator commenting upon the action. It’s part philosophical, part dramatic, spiritual, symbolic etc. I was pleased at the end of the selection that the narrator was beginning to tell the story. Very comforting, trustful voice. Archetypal elements: journey, hero, desert. All these things seem to be ingrained in our collective sub-conscious as humans and therefore relate to many, many of us. Great job.

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