Dave Burns and his creative writing program have been such an incredible asset to the Ottawa Community Arts Council’s programming.  He has not only provided an opportunity for members of our community to come together and express themselves creatively, but he has also filled a need for encouraging continued literacy in our small town.  His enthusiasm and determination have been the key in his program’s success.  We at the Arts Council are very excited to work with Mr. Burns and we look forward to many more great opportunities with him in the future as his program builds.

Stephanie Williamson, Gallery and Educational Director of the Ottawa Community Arts Council


I took one of Dave’s writing classes in November. I decided to take it because I am interested in pursuing a career that involves writing when I grow up. His class was even better than I expected.  It taught me a lot; especially that it’s okay to make mistakes when you write. That was very important for me and took me a little while to grasp. I am very thankful that I took this class.

Perhaps the most important thing that Dave’s class allowed me to do was to be able to have someone look at my writing. Before it had all been very private because I didn’t want anyone judging it. Dave helped me through that and for that I am very grateful. Dave’s writing class was super helpful. It encouraged me to continue thinking about a career with writing. I would recommend it to anyone who just loves to write.

Creative Writing Student, age 12