Awesome Time @ 7th Annual Author Extravaganza!

Hey all –
I’ve been away from my computer (a much needed break) so just now updating you on the 7th Annual Author Extravaganza @ the Town Crier in Emporia, KS.  Long story short: It was awesome!  Got a chance to meet some great authors (Martha Gilstrap and Randy Attwood), sold some books, and meet some new readers.
But here was the highlight of my day…
A mother and her two daughters were looking at books.  The mother and her youngest daughter said they were avid readers, but the older daughter stated quite plainly that she wasn’t.  I think she was just tagging along.  Out of interest (I hope) she picked up a copy of Pieces of Me and started reading.  She read half a chapter or so, and quickly handed the book to her mother with saying, “Read this.”  Her mother thumbed through the book and stated, “I can see why you like it.”  And then the proceeded to look around at the other authors and their work.
About 15-20 minutes later, I could see the girl and her family standing in the middle of the horseshoe of tables, and her eye kept falling back towards me.  She came over and said, “I’d like to buy a copy.”  I asked her if she would like it autographed, to which she shyly said, “Yes.”  I was so excited to hand the newly inked book to her, and not just because it was another purchase.  This book sale spoke volumes to me because someone (who admittedly doesn’t read much) saw enough within the pages that she wanted to purchase it and continue reading.  Even more than that, I hope it spurs a love of literature for that young woman.  So, if you read this, thank you for that gift.

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